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  1. smrag says:

    very good

  2. Dreammer says:

    She is very sexy, professional pics!

  3. dingus says:

    I’d so love for this little cutie to live next door to me. I can see the neighbor’s back yard and I watch their daughter all the time.

  4. virgincoock says:


  5. emad says:

    soooo niceeeee

  6. Johnniee says:

    Pic 6 & 9 man oh man, all day long

  7. racco says:

    pic 9 i love her asss!

  8. Anjo dos Portões says:

    She perfect angel

  9. creptil13 says:

    jolies petites filles.

  10. Edison says:

    I love Sharlotta, sexy, perfect angel for focker, i love ass to pic 9. I love…..

  11. JÃO O FELA DA POTA says:

    oh my god, this little angel is hotter than hell!

  12. john says:

    nice panties

  13. tinker13 says:

    Gosh I love pic 6. Just incredible.

  14. Josh says:

    What a peach, and she looks like she enjoys her work!

  15. Anjo dos Portões says:

    perfect nimphos

  16. vdbril says:


  17. lovethemyung says:

    she is so sexy!!!

  18. sandi says:

    she is the best girl ever

  19. fred says:

    Very nice and perfect asss

  20. Gerald Barnes says:

    Her bum is artwork

  21. mic says:

    perfect very nice i like

  22. JOHN SMITH says:


  23. carmila says:

    a little old for me but would still trib her and tongue her….yummy

  24. baddydad says:

    She is sooooo beautiful!

  25. brianevans says:

    Amazing!!!! Gorgeous!!!! Perfect body….yummmmmmmmmmmyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. horniesthere says:

    I like picture 11. show me your new panties honey.

  27. joshua Hendricks says:

    I want to get into child modeling, but dn’t know how to go about it

  28. Ed says:

    She are gorgeous in the pic 8, that latex dress it’s amazing, where they found it? to buy one for my child.

  29. luke says:

    she looks like a girl that i used to know im in highschool now and the person i said is y gf :)

    she had the same tye of body and has a bikini like photo #4

  30. dvldoc says:

    What a sweet little piece!!!

  31. frankie jones says:

    wow what a sexy girl pic 5 she looks sexy in that pic would be good without panties

  32. Tampon Panzee says:

    1 & 9 show a sweet butt. However, #5 is really trampy. Great pics!

  33. Johnnie says:

    The preteen girls on this site are all awesome, little hot sexy preteen girls like Natasha, Laura, Charlotta, Ocean Dream and Ultra fill my lonely nights with fantasing pleasure. Thanks, but would like to see more new pic of these super hot sexy young preteens.

  34. Ricardo Lobito says:

    Sharlota:- Es una niña de las más hermosas que he visto en sus portales siempre la ando buscando porque me parece muy bonita y muy buenota, su carita, sus piernitas, sus cositas son muy, muy bellas

  35. Joe Shmooz says:

    Sharlota is very beautiful girl all her pics are great I really like 4&8

  36. asiz says:

    just wait till shes 18 ;0

  37. ddddddd says:


  38. sharlottalover says:

    I really love you, you have a beautiful body and a nice as your face is beautiful, you are simply the finest in the world, really,

  39. HORACIO says:


  40. VParadox says:

    sexy little girls like this make me melt in my seat, so heavenly. god i love preteen girls!!

  41. steve austin says:

    sexy little girls like

  42. Sexx-monger says:

    Sharlotas beauty is only eclipsed by Laura B., Valensiya S., and Hanna F.!
    The last two mentioned Candydolls are not shown on this site but if they ever get some pics of them on here Sharlota would fall to the wayside!

  43. garry says:

    I shar like her a lotta

  44. dah7u says:


  45. luvemyoung says:

    She is the sexiest little girls I have ever seen! I love being a LGL! Little girls are the sexiest beings on this planet!

  46. jonnie says:

    A true beauty. Show her armpits in a few pics. Some more bikini ones too.

  47. gary says:

    She’s hot in the red leather and the tiger tights….great bum and cleavage for a little girl.

  48. wat says:


  49. Adam says:


  50. zun says:

    very nice, i like pic 1

  51. sahanddanizly says:

    so nice

  52. bear says:

    very very cute tight sexy body nice round bum love the lingerie shot and the full veiw t-back of her bum. want more a little more risque, plus t-back bikini very small

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